Vermont: What is it like?

When considering moving, it’s always a good idea to inform yourself on the culture and climate of where you’re headed to. For example, if you’re considering one of the bucolic Vermont farms for sale, or another property in Vermont, it’s good to know what you can expect living there.

The state of Vermont sits in the North East part of the US, known as New England, and was one of the first founded states. Its nickname is the Green Mountain state due to all the mountains. It has a high natural elevation.

Its 25000 square kilometers make it the 45th state in terms of size in the United States – pretty small. The capitol is Montpelier and other important cities are Burlington, Rutland, and Barre. The population is about 625,000 people.

The climate is very temperate in the summer, but is extreme in winter with lots of intense snow in the mountains and, in general, in the entire state. These conditions make it ideal for snow sports like skiing. The temperature differences in winter and summer are great – more so than in the southern portions of New England.

Normally, rain is equally distributed through the whole state, but the valleys tend to be warmer while the mountains tend to be chillier. Rarely do tornadoes or hurricanes come near Vermont.

Its economic strength comes from milk products, cattle, and the apple and vegetable harvest. It has an industry dedicated to the fabrication of electronics, metal products, and paper products, as well as machine tools and furniture. Tourism (“leaf peeping” and maple syrup) also plays a large part in the economy of the state.

With lakes for swimming and fishing, mountains to climb, and a huge variety of activities, this is a great state for recreation and tourism. Additionally, there are tons of historical and architectural sites. 114 covered bridges – some of the best in the nation and still in use – cover Vermont.