As a community, we have access to some money from West Lothian Council (WLC) and from developers who are building houses in East Calder to develop East Calder Park.

The ‘Park’ is the land behind where the doctors is up to and including the skate park, swing park and football pitch at the top of the slope.

At the moment a feasibility study is being carried out for the development of a 3G sports facility which will likely be situated next to the swing park. The money for the 3G pitch does not come out of the budget we have for general Park improvements.

There has been a meeting of representatives of users of the park who took part in a workshop to talk about how they would like to see the space being used.

WLC are now commissioning an outline masterplan of how the Park could look which is likely to be available around September time and we will share that with you here and ask for your views. This masterplan will be a high-level view of possible changes.

We are keen to get your input on more detailed aspects of what you want to see in the park and what you do not, so please post a comment below. We will add these comments to the ongoing consultation process and provide feedback here on progress.

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  • Guest - Eddy Goodfellow

    Where is the Masterplan?.it is now November

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