The road heading east out to the A71, from the Main Street, East Calder has now a number of speed bumps. All very well you may think, if you remember that they are there in the dark.

What bothers the Community Council, and many others who have spoken to us, is the state of the road, with potholes and broken up road surface extending way out past Camps.

We have been told that this will be all sorted when Calderwood is complete. However, with a planned completion which is many years in the future, do we really want to wait until this supposed date that may or may not ever occur.

Let us know what you think?

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  • Guest - Trish Hamilton

    I hope everyone is aware of the potential expansion of East Calder village at former Broompark Nursery EH53 0EB. There is a public meeting on Thursday 5th June 2018 7pm- 9pm East Calder Partnership 143 Main Street EH53 0EP. There are proposals to build 900+ houses. Please go see the plans and let you views be known. The surrounding areas will also be affected with all the additional traffic.

  • Guest - Helen Freeman

    Not only is the road pot holed but the junction at.the top of the road is totally inadequate to deal.with the amount of traffic. We need lights at the junction and road improvement and lighting to prevent accidents. I also think the council need to look at what can be done in east calder to improve and increased off road parking. Driving through east calder involves dodging around cars parked on both sides of the road and praying no bus or truck is travelling at the same time as you. So yes the road that leads to the A71 need improvement, better lighting, wider if possible and lights at the junction to the A71. But in addition we need more off street parking and parking restrictions to make it a safer town for pedestrians and drivers alike.

  • Guest - Guest

    Not just the road the footpath is in a bad state as well

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