You have probably spotted that the new partnership centre on the main street in East Calder is progressing. What you may not appreciate is that the East Calder Health Practice is not part of the new partnership building, and there is nothing on the horizon for the update of the ageing practice buildings for our ever-increasing population.

The Community Council think that NHS Scotland should be progressing plans now for a new health centre fit for the growing communities it serves.

What do you think?

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  • Guest - Richard Muirhead

    For a number of years I have raised my concerns with WLC regarding developments which are granted planning permission but appear to take no account of insufficient infrastructure to support them. I was always advised that this was not a matter considered within the planning process? The impact of recent significant developments (and more to come) have eroded standards of service in many key areas, health, road congestion, road condition, parking particularly in the Main Street area, Council Services, Policing etc. Surely the impact of any development on supporting infrastructure must be a key consideration before granting planning permission?

  • Guest - Helen Freeman

    I had noticed in the plans of the new partnership centre, that unlike brochure's partnership centre, East Calder centre would not include an upgrade to our medical services. It is clear by how hard it is to get an appointment that the surgery is struggling with the ever increasing population of east calder and the building is clearly no longer adequate to support the community. Could we not get the nhs to invest now. We need to expand to two practices in the area. They could be housed in the same building or two separate building, but as the area grows, and it will with all the new builds, then it seems essential to expand. In brochure they have three separate practices to serve the area and although we haven't yet got to.that population we are definitely expanding rapidly. Let's hope someone in the nhs sees sense and listens to the pleas of east calder residents.

  • Guest - Michelle Roe

    I think we should gain signatures from every person within the community that walks into the surgery,dentist, shops etc, an take them to (Our MSP) We need this asap!

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